Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Post 12

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 I think one of the required blog posts should be to reflect on technology literacy and see how your ideas on this subject might have changed this semester. After learning about so many new technologies, which ones you like the most and how you will use in them in your classroom to connect with our students and/or parents. What are some of the things you learned about this semester that you don't think will be helpful in your classroom? Write a summary of your thoughts, be sure to include your reasoning for either using or not using these tools in your classroom. Make sure to follow the requirements  in Writing A Quality Blog Post. 
This class has definitely changed my perspective about technology. Before I thought that our youth spent way too much time on their smart phones, gaming devices, etc.It has never occurred to me that we could take these things and use them to help better educate our students! Technology is changing each and every day, as a future teacher I must be willing to evolve and keep up with these changes. Of the technologies that we have learned about in the class I think that the blogs and smartboards are the most beneficial along with having a website in which you can incorporate podcast and skype interviews with professionals the kids might not otherwise get to talk with. Blogs are beneficial to help parents know what is going on in the classroom and the progress that their child is making in the classroom. Because I am a secondary education major I don't think I will use the storyboards in my class, although I did enjoy learning how to make a storyboard.

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