Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4K for March

students going on a field trip
My first C4K for March was Filez and Jozel who are grade 6 students at Ferry Lane School, in Tottenham, London. Jozel had written the post I read. It was about a field trip that they had went on to the museum of Welsh life (St. Fagans) . He talked abput a house they went into where the door was read, and explained that the door was red because the people that used to live there were rich. HE talked about a garden they saw and how many different kinds of things were in the garden. I commented on how much I enjoyed visiting museums, and about when I visited the MET a few summers ago. I really enjoyed what he said about the door being red, because I did not know that  meant the people who lived there were rich.  

My C4K assignment for 3/25 was to read a post by a students in Ms. Sarah Stones class from Bradford Schools. The students are participating in the 100 Word Challenge. The story I read was about Saif, who was going downstairs to get a drink of water late one night. On his way down he saw a spider that was sleeping, so he crept quietly past  the spider. He kept trying to walk quietly down the creaky steps and saw 50 little spiders! Thankfully they were all sleeping too, so he crawled past them too. After making to the kitchen he saw his mum, and knew that he was in trouble for being up. I thought the story was creative and well written. I commented that Saif must have been very thirsty to have been brave enough to walk past all those spiders! I would have went back to bed after seeing the first one!

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